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What is the Oxygen Concentrator The air we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other gasses. Use it around the house, the town and the world. Includes Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator, 1 battery cartridge, AC/DC power supply and cords, rolling cart and accessory bag; Additional spare battery cartridges and desktop battery charger also available; Limited 3 year warranty on concentrator and 1 year on parts, accessories and batteries. The Sequal Eclipse 5 is a powerful portable concentrator that provides both continuous flow settings as well as higher pulse dose settings. Suitable for use 24/7 use, this all-in-one oxygen therapy device can provide continuous flow from 0.

1 hours, on the other hand when a continuous setting of 2 LPM is selected the Eclipse. Browse the above list of portable oxygen concentrator instruction manuals or call to speak to one of our friendly specialists, Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EST, and get all of your eclipse concentrator manual questions answered—just call. ; Page 3: Table Of Contents CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Symbols used in Users Manual and on the Eclipse Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System INDICATIONS FOR USE CONTRAINDICATIONS SAFETY GUIDELINES 7-10 Oxygen Therapy Safety Operating Safety Power Cartridge Safety INTRODUCTION TO YOUR ECLIPSE. THE ECLIPSE IS AN OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR THAT MAKES IT EASIER FOR YOUR PHYSICIAN TO SELECT A MODALITY OF LTOT THAT MEETS YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIFESTYLE NEEDS. The Eclipse 5, Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System with autoSAT Technology is eclipse concentrator manual a portable medical device used to extract oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrate it to 87–95. 0cm) Weight Eclipse Power Cartridge.

Download Owners Manual Sequal Eclipse 5 The new generation of SeQual Eclipse raises the bar for POC performance. More Eclipse Concentrator Manual videos. These accessories help extend the life of your concentrator and make it easier to travel and do the things you love. Contact your home care provider for proper training on the use and care of this device. If you have any other questions, call one of our customer contact agents at 877. (SeQual) recommends that this User Manual be given to each patient receiving an ECLIPSE Oxygen System. The Eclipse 5 portable concentrator is fully functional on AC power, DC power, and battery power. The SeQual Eclipse 5 is CAIRE’s proven, reliable, single-oxygen solution with 24/7 capabilities.

View and Download SeQual Eclipse 5 user manual online. Sequal Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 24 cell battery provides from 1. Please click below on the manual that you need. We are an Authorized Service Center for Caire SeQual and the Eclipse 3 and Eclipse 5 Transportable Oxygen Concentrator. Off of a single battery on a pulse setting of 2 the Eclipse 3 produces supplemental oxygen for up to 5. The Eclipse 5 portable oxygen machine comes equipped with a highly intelligent technology called AutoSAT. Important topics in description, user Interfaces, operating instructions, signals (including alarms), power supply options, cleaning/care/maintenance and troubleshooting for the SeQual Eclipse 5.

3486 or fill out our contact form. Eclipse 5 ® Portable Oxygen Concentrator User Manual. Eclipse 5 User Manual provides detail instructions and information to operate this concentrator. We perform Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Repair services for all SeQual Eclipse. Download Owners Manual The 5th Generation Eclipse has arrived! Continuous flow settings range from 0. A brief audible and visual power on self- test will occur. Eclipse with autoSat Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS).

Eclipse 5 medical equipment pdf manual download. The device will operate in Continuous Flow Mode or Pulse Dose Mode. SeQual Eclipse 3 User Manual - Oxygen Concentrator Store Download sequal eclipse technical manual document. This small, lightweight, low-maintenance oxygen concentrator provides BOTH Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose therapy in a great travel sized package! THE ECLIPSE MAY BE USED IN THE HOME, AN INSTITUTION, A MOTOR VEHICLE OR IN A COMMERCIAL AIRPLANE. Even with its power and wide range of oxygen settings and features, the Sequal Eclipse 5 is only 18.

Owner Manual Video Library The Eclipse is a single solution with both continuous and pulse dose options. View, download and print PDF product manuals and user guides for the SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator. Learn important information about your Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator with this helpful user manual. It&39;s the only personal ambulatory oxygen system on the market - a concentrator powerful enough to be your stationary system and mobile enough to ambulate. SeQual Eclipse 5 medical equipment pdf manual download. View and Download CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 5 quick reference manual online. Portable Oxygen Solutions is here to help you find the best oxygen system for your needs and your busy lifestyle. Service Manual Integra Oxygen Concentrators Routine Patient Maintenance At least once a week clean cabinet intake filter, located on the top of the unit.

See full list on vitalitymedical. SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED (Prescription must be received within 48 hours from the time of your order, or your order may be canceled - Due to health concerns, this product is not eligible for returns) The SeQual Eclipse 5 is the newest and most improved upon in the Eclipse line by SeQual. Included: One Lithium-Ion Battery One Accessory Case AC Charger for Home DC Charger for Car Travel Cart The Eclipse 5, Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS) provides the most reliable continuous flow and pulse dose options in a 24/7 portable oxygen concentrator device. Page 1 Eclipse ® Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System USERS MANUAL www. Rinse the filter thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water. . We have everything you need for your SeQual Eclipse 3 and SeQual 5 portable oxygen concentrators.

The Eclipse 5 goes where you go, with improve. Feel free to save this link or download a copy. SeQual Eclipse 5 Maintenance Guide includes cleaning and care instructions along with routine maintenance requirements. Eclipse 5™ Transportable Oxygen Concentrator with autoSAT® Eclipse 5 New Features • NEW: All continuous flow and pulse flow settings available while operating on DC power • NEW: Battery cartridge will re-charge when unit is connected to DC power for all continuous flow settings up to 2.

The Eclipse 5 features the same benefits that you love about the Eclipse 3, but with next generation internal components that enhance the reliability of the POC. 0 LPM and all pulse flow settings 1 to 9. This User Manual describes all the necessary information in order for a patient or caregiver to operate the ECLIPSE. Remove the filter from the cabinet. Sequal Eclipse Concentrator Manual Author: engineeringstudymaterial.

Thank you for visiting Altra Service Professionals – your medical equipment sales and service specialists! All repairs are performed by our certified technicians. Many patients choose to purchase additional Power Cartridges for extended excursion times between “power islands” – such as a home electric socket, car or boat accessory (lighter) outlet, airport electric plug, etc. 5 to 3LPM (liters per minute) and can be adjusted in increments of 0. Wash the filter in warm water using a mild detergent solution.

SEQUAL ECLIPSE 5 Eclipse 5 Manual. It then passes through an adsorbent material called molecular sieve. An oxygen concentrator is only as good as its battery life, and battery life is one of the many things that makes the Eclipse 3 such a remarkable unit! Below is a collection of user manuals for various oxygen concentrator machines. Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System Provider Technical Manual 6 Oxygen Concentrator Dimensions (H x W X D) 19. Eclipse User Manual — 5 ON/OFF Button (Green) Indicator Press and hold the “ON/OFF” button for two (2) seconds to power ON your Eclipse.

Our SeQual Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator repair service is affordable, fast, and includes free inbound shipping. In the Package Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator with AutoSAT, Rechargeable Battery (Power Cartridge), AC Power Supply, DC Power Supply, Universal Travel Cart, 10 Nasal Cannulas, 3-Year Manufacturer&39;s Warranty, and Printed User Manuals. Accessories include batteries, chargers, universal cart, wheelchair pack and more. 6% and present the oxygen to the patient.

This Users Manual will inform you about the use and care of the Eclipse and its standard components. Please read all of the information in this manual before operating your Eclipse. The Eclipse 5 oxygen concentrator is a single solution for both at-night use and during the day while-on-the-go. – wherever AC or.

Additional Batteries and Extras included depending on Bundle selected during checkout. With optional continuous or pulse flow therapy to the oxygen users requiring flexibility, the Eclipse 5 is the answer. The SeQual&39;s Eclipse 5 oxygen concentrator is the newest of the Sequal line of portable oxygen concentrators and proves through enhanced features to still be one of the best on the market. Our SeQual Eclipse portable oxygen repair service is affordable, fast, and includes eclipse concentrator manual free inbound shipping. 5 to 3 LPM (Liters Per Minute) and pulse doses up to a setting. Transportable Oxygen Concentrator with autoSAT. . Download User Manual.

The SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is one of the few portable oxygen concentrators that offers both continuous flow and pulse dose oxygen settings. 4 hours of battery operation (depending on flow rate and settings). Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System Users Manual T&39; autoSAT@ HOW YOUR ECLIPSE 3 WORKS The Eclipse 3, Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System with autoSAT Technology is a portable concentrator used to extract oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrate it to greater than 90% and present it to the patient. SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Autoset Oxygen Concentrator Overview. If you don&39;t see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom ↓. DO NOT:information needing eclipse concentrator manual special attention. When you&39;re on the go a single battery can power your Eclipse 3 for up to 5-hours!

On this page you can read or download sequal eclipse technical manual in PDF format. Allow the filter to. Under the Following Headings: SeQual ® Technologies Inc. Looking for a manual for the Respironics SimplyGo Mini, SeQual Eclipse 5, Inogen One G5 or other mobile oxygen concentrators or stationary concentrator manuals? Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System Users Manual This Users Manual will inform you about the use and care of the Eclipse and its standard components.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator The Eclipse 5 combines portability with clinical efficiency to treat a wide variety of your needs, no matter the range of your activity levels - giving you the freedom to travel and enjoy life on the go.

Eclipse concentrator manual

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